The Ethnographic Museum “Al Poiat”

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The Museo Etnografico of Zoppè di Cadore is one of the first museum in the province of Belluno. Already marked on the maps of Touring Club Italy in the Seventies, its birth was the fruit of the work of locals who, with the awareness that industrialization and depopulation would have led to permanent abandonement of activities related to the mountain area, intuited that was necessary preserving traces of the memory of the place.

The museum itinerary starts with local historical context, especially for use and exploitation in the field of factories and jal, that’s to say the pitches were coal was produced through imperfect combustion of wood in a pile named pojàt. The museum exhibition becomes more purely ethnographic with a review of equipment once used both in the home and in the workplace by shoemakers, blacksmiths, hunters and, of course, charcoal burners.

Open in summer
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– Building with access stairs
– Non-reserved parking a few metres away